Venice Morning Tour

Available from Monday to Sunday, all year round. Small group guaranteed!

Venice Morning Tour

About this tour

The Venice morning street food tour is a relaxing 3 hr walking tour around the intricate alleys of the old town to taste and enjoy Venice like a real local. Streaty guides lead travellers around the areas of San Polo and Dorsoduro showing them some major attraction and hidden gem. The experience starts with a Rialto fish market walking tour, the main fresh food distribution center of Venice and then proceeds around the intricate alleys of the old town to reach our favorite bacari (local bars). You will eat and drink at places hung out by real Venetians. The magic of this authentic food and wine walking tour of Venice happens in traditional bars called Bacari. All Venice food tour places have been carefully selected by streaty guides based on the quality of the food and the authenticity of the location. Your guide will choose for you the best daily selection of local bites and cicchetti (tr. slices of bread or corn mash topped with various ingredients). Most of samples belonging to the traditional cuisine contain delicious fish cooked in a very creative way. There are plenty of alternatives for vegetarians. As for drinking, don’t worry! It’s a Venice bacari tour! Your mouth won’t get dry! Every food sample is accompained with a drink: prosecco, wine and grappa cannot be missed in a real Venetian experience!
Not only food! During the Venice food and wine walking tour, Streaty guides discuss many topics, such as history, arts, habits, social issues and of course…cuisine! This is a tourist-trap free experience!
All foodies joining this tour will receive their personal Venice food passport, a souvenir that lists inside all the samples offered during the tour. On its back cover you will find on a Venice Street Food tour map!

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All included!

What’s included?
  • Guided walking tour​
  • Food: venetian dishes and tapas
  • 3 drinks: prosecco, spritz and grappa
  • Venetian dessert
  • Streaty Venice Food Passport
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Tour in details

City: Venice
Type: food & wine tour
Availability: from Monday to Saturday, all year round
Language: English and Italian
Participants: min 2, max 8
Duration: 3 hr
Trail skill level: easy-medium (Venice urban system involves many steps)
Starting point: campo San Giacomo di Rialto
Meeting time: morning tour 10.30 am
Arrival point: Campo Santo Stefano / on Tuesday tour ends in campo San Pantalon
Itinerary: San Polo, Dorsoduro.
Price per person: adults 65 € food & drinks included / 20 € children 6 to 11 / free for infants 0-5

Prior Reservation
is necessary to join the tour. This is not a free walking tour.
Waiting policy: ten minute. To make sure the tour runs on time, we will only wait for ten mins past the allocated meeting time. We do not guarantee a second chance to reach the group.
We recommend you to wear comfy walking shoes and to bring a bottle of water.


Are you vegetarian? No probs!

When booking a tour, please inform us on your special nutritional needs. There are alternative for vegetarians! This tour is not suitable for vegans. Most of traditional Venetian food contains fish.

Can’t make it for the morning tour?

Join Streaty Venice evening tour!

Are your ready to eat the streets of Venice with us?

Food and drinks
  1. Ths is not a gourmet tour, It’s a bacari tour. Bacari are typical small inns
  2. Venetian street food is mainly about tapas, mostly with fish.
  3. Sometimes we offer “unusual” specialties such as crabs or veal offal
  4. Gluten free and dairy free options are not available
  5. Most of food is eaten with hands.
  6. Alternative samples are provided only for vegetarians or allergics.
  7. Not all specialties listed in the Food passport are available on a daily basis. The food passport must be considered merely as a souvenir.
  8. All food and drinks offered by the Streaty guides are included in the price. Extras or seconds are on participants’ expense
  9. Water is not included but you can have it to replace some alcoholic drink
  10. The above listed points may not be applicable to private tours
Waiting Policy, Accessibility and other important info
  1. We have a ten min waiting policy.
  2. We don’t have any cancelation policy. However, We greatly appreciate to be informed as soon as your plans changed
  3. There are very few chances to sit along the walk
  4. This tour is not recommended to travelers with limited walking capacity. See private tours
  5. Standard group tour is not accessible to wheel chair. See private tours
  6. Dogs are not ammitted in group tours.
  7. Venice can be pretty much rainy in winter time. check the forecasts
  8. We recommend wearing comfy shoes all year round
  9. Smoking: please avoid smoking during food stops
  10. The above listed points may not be applicable to private tours

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