Streaty Catania – Summer Tour

Available on request from June 1st to September 30th. Small group guaranteed!

Streaty Catania – Summer Tour

The authentic street food walking tour of Catania. A relaxing 3 hr walk with a young licensed guide to enjoy the markets and monuments of the city center and taste the best local street food. Along the Catania street food tour, you will taste few delicious specialties, such as the cipollina (baked roll with mozzarella, tomato and spring onion), the pointed arancino (rice, minced meat, tomato and stringy mozzarella) and some fresh fish at the market! Just like all Streaty tours, the Catania street food walking tour ends with a seasonal sweet tune: the renowned granita with brioche!  Food stops have been carefully selected based on the quality of the food and the authenticity of the location. This is a tourist-trap free tour!

Streaty Catania walking tour has been designed with the specific purpose of giving travelers the chance to live a 100% local experience…a tasty one!  The vibrant 2700 year old city of Catania hides many unexpected flavours that you won’t find in restaurants or listed in guidebooks!

Not only food! The itinerary goes through some major historical attractions such as piazza Duomo and the Castello Ursino, the pescheria (fish market), and via dei Crociferi, to give participants a complete overview of local history and culture. This street food and cultural experience is especially recommended as introductory tour of Catania. It is also an ideal shore excursion for cruisers spending few hours in town: Streaty gives cruisers the chance to maximize their short stay and catch the real soul of Catania in few steps and few bites.

Join us and get your personal Streaty Catania food passport!


All included!

What’s included?
  • Guided walking tour​ of the city center​
  • Food: at least 4 traditional street food specialties
  • Seasonal treat
  • Tasting of local sodas
  • glass of beer
  • Seasonal dessert: granitaand brioche
  • Streaty Catania Food Passport
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Tour in details

City: Catania
Type: street food walking tour & history
Availability: group tours available every tuesday, thursday and saturday. Private tours available every day on request.
Group tour language: English only. Private tours available also in Italian, Spanish, French
Participants: min 2, max 12 (see also private tours)
Duration: 3 hr
Trail skill level: easy-medium
Starting point: piazza Duomo 4, at the ATM Carige Italia (beside the fountain)
Meeting time: 10.30 am*
Arrival point: the tour ends around 1.30 pm back in piazza Duomo or few steps away from it
Itinerary: piazza Duomo (Cathedral), Pescheria fish market, Castello Ursino, via dei crociferi.
Price per person: 45 euro food and drinks included (discounts for children)

Group tours:
 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Private tours: every day on request

Waiting policy: To make sure the tour runs on time, we will only wait for ten minutes past the allocated meeting time. 
We recommend you wear comfy and covered walking shoes, sunhat and to bring a bottle of water.


Are you vegetarian? No probs!

Please inform us on your special nutritional needs. We can provide tasty alternatives!


Can’t make it for the morning tour?

go for a private night tour!

Are your ready to live your Streaty Food experience?

Food and drinks
  1. Sicilian street food is about snacks. this is not a gourmet tour.
  2. Some daly specialty might contain calf entrails
  3. Street food is strictly eaten by hands (*napkins are provided)
  4. Street food is cooked and served in modest places where toilets do not smell of roses
  5. EvWe offer a fair amount of food to replace a meal. However we cannot guarantee that all travellers will feel fully stuffed! 🙂
  6. Gluten free, dairy free and vegan options are not available
  7. Not all specialties listed in the Streaty Food Passport are available on a daily basis. The Food Passport must be considered merely as a souvenir.
  8. All food and drinks offered by the Streaty guides are included in the price. Extras or seconds are on participants’ expense
  9. Water is not included. However, travelers have many chances to buy it along the way
  10. The above listed points may not be applicable to private tours
Waiting Policy, Accessibility and other important info
  1. We have a ten minute waiting policy. We do not guarantee a second chance to join the group
  2. We have a 3-day cancellation policy
  3. There are very few chances to sit along the walk
  4. The summer tour is not recommended to travelers with limited walking capacity. See private tours
  5. Standard group tour is not accessible to wheel chair. See private tours
  6. Dogs are not ammitted in group tours. See private tours
  7. Average winter temperature : 30 C° / 84 F°
  8. We recommend wearing comfy shoes all year round
  9. Smoking: please avoid smoking during sampling stops
  10. The above listed points may not be applicable to private tours

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